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A vibrant young girl, polished and petite
With a will so strong it's hard to compete
Presenting to her father her flying rainbow chart
Proof in ink of the years she spent working hard

With pride and satisfaction she said to her father
I know what to pursue now that my school years are over
I want to unlock the secrets of shapes and off colours
And share with the world my thanks in my pictures

Please father, please, would you give me your support
For me to work out my life on what's close to my heart
I know that you wanted something else of me
But father, I beg you say yes, father please

Now the years have passed and the ages have changed
She now has a daughter who once was her age
Though never she seems like who mother had been
She too has a passion that fuels her dreams

Though her mother had decided to give delight to the eyes
Junior choose the art to protect and survive
But like her grandfather before, her mother does not see
Why her daughter has said: This is what I wish to be

Please mother, please, would you give me your support
For me to work out my life on what's close to my heart
I know that you wanted something else of me
But mother, I beg you say yes, mother please

Mother, father please, would you give me your support
For me to work out my life on what's close to my heart
I know that you wanted something else of me
But father, mother, say yes, pretty please.
Say Yes
This is a lyric to a song I wrote and like all of the songs I've written, I'm happier with the lyrics than I am with the music. My piano skills are still very very basic (and ukulele even so) and with the hundred and one interests I have, learning to play is quite slow. I'm also not taking music classes of any sort so if I can't find anything simple to play in the background, I'll just do a capella recording one day and put up the link here.

The song was written on impulse which is why some of the lines doesn't seem to... fit into the context. I like it enough as it is but I'll see if I can find a way to make the ballad sounds smoother. I can't remember if I've mentioned that several weeks ago, part of the 'homework' assigned by my martial arts teacher was some hefty 100 reps of three simple exercise (variations of squatting, sit ups and push ups) after performing each of the 5 daily prayers per day for the course of a week as well as a few other optional workouts. When my mom noticed that we were all acting rather weird that week, she asked and we explained the assignment to her. She laughed and said something to the effect of 'we're idiots for thinking that our teacher was serious because that is practically impossible'.

It hurt deeply how my mom takes what I really care for so lightly. And we didn't manage to complete the challenge because we had some visitors twice and my mother made sure that we were there a hundred percent of the time. Since they were at the house in the daytime for quite a while,  I was then - and still currently - adopting a nocturnal bedtime (too long to explain but I sleep from morning to mid afternoon), they came during my bedtime and that seriously messes up my workout schedule and not getting enough sleep make it much, much harder to work.

Although in the end I think I missed only 300 out of the 3,500 sets (which honestly I initially thought was impossible myself), I still wish I could get it done by the 'first try'. I know that it's just our interests vary so greatly, she could not see why I love martial arts the way she loves visial arts. She told me many times that she would support me if I want to study art (which she did but because like me, she was a science student and was expected to take the 'science stream') but when I once vaguely suggested that I wish to be a licensed instructor myself, she laughed like I just made the funniest joke ever.

In the end, I cannot blame her for something she doesn't know. I'm sure if she knows how much I serious I take this and how much I love it, she would not act like she does but I don't want her to act for me either. I want to know my mom like who she really is. If she could not understand well, I have no will or right over someone else's acknowledgements or interests but I can't deny that it still hurts.
Handle by Tiaricale
A sketch of a bookshelf handle. I put up the paper beside the handle for comparison. As always, my accuracy and perspective are way off.

I'll scan a better quality of the sketch itself later when I have more time (I simply dislike connecting and disconnecting the wires xP)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
19 years old girl who is learning to balance imaginations with facts. Born into a family of passionate bookworms and the eldest of a pack of writer wannabe siblings.

Oh, and my works are always open to critiques and comments, I need someone to point me the way :)

Log entry

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2015, 9:58 AM
First of all, I have finally managed to coax my sister into making a DA profile :D

She writes teen fiction and is apparently rather popular among the Divergent trilogy readers. She's getting 10 reviews every time she's publishing a chapter and that's pretty amazing especially since what she writes isn't what I would read if she wasn't my sister :P

Oh well, we all have our different tastes - it's what makes the world so unique.

Secondly, that RL stuff I've mentioned vaguely once is moving into another stage which means I would be having less time for the internet or the computer for that matter. There would be lots of hated cleaning to be done....

Lastly, I've just realised that my twentieth birthday is coming up in about a month's time. I actually had made a pledge when I was 14 or 15 that unless I've gotten myself obese, I would not start a weight loss diet and if I am uncomfortable with my weight, I would start one on my 20th birthday. This pledge was made due to my obsession with nutrition about that time. My mom was really vocal about her dislike of my weight (which was at the time not even medically overweight :P) and I don't want to compromise the nutrients that I need in my teen years to please my mom or something. It felt funny remembering something that at the time feels like it would take forever to get there.

I had given it some thoughts - it did not need much really - and I have decided that I need to lose some weight. Since my long martial arts break, my weight had been slowly climbing up the scale. Ironically, because I keep to a certain level of fitness, it builds up the muscles of my arms and legs because they need to compensate for the extra weight. I can easily tire out my sister, Fori when we walk together although her legs are much longer than mine.

But on the other hand, it's really hard to start out something new or do something I have little chance to practice. I cannot complete a monkey bar and I only get to try a twice every year or likewise. A lot of leaps I need to work on for martial arts becomes troublesome as well and trying out new ones feels like it's almost impossible. And since I'm already accident prone, the chance of my knees (or ankles or wherever) getting injured during practice is high (sometimes just by overuse) and I don't want to jeopardize them. During my last practice, I popped my left knee slightly just because the moves we learned that day required a lot of kneeling. Thankfully it was nothing serious.

Frankly speaking, I like how I look now. I like how with what the media is feeding people nowadays, boys don't whistle or start catcalling when I walk down the street as they used to when I was lighter. I like it when some of the boys, who occasionally watched our practice several years ago, bet on another friend of mine in a rolling race and I could beat her without breaking a sweat. I like the little attention people pay on me because I feel like people judge me less and I like the stereotyping because it gives me a sense of owning a secret power of some sort. I like going up the stairs to a hotel room with my sisters because I know that my legs are doing more work than theirs do by every step we take. 

I guess it's easy to say that my weight had been a part of my identity for so long that it's sad to say goodbye to it.

But all in all, keeping to a healthy diet would be a good idea. At the very least, it would cause no harm and since my family has a history of hypertension and diabetes, it would be a bonus. And it would definitely improve my asthma and who could say no to that? :D

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